Marly Freer
A Natural healing guide

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Marly Freer



Marly's many years of experience and training in alternative health combined with a life-long passion for wellness and health enables her to help her clients with a wide variety of healing techniques. Most recently adding BEST/Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique training to her list of treatments.

Marly’s clients happily benefit from a myriad of certifications: Iridology, Advanced Foot & Hand Reflexology, as well as Teacher’s Certificates for many courses. Marly also holds certificates in Ear Candling and RainDrop Therapy and has attained a Masters status in both Reiki and Herbology. In her desire to increase her intuitive abilities, she recently took spiritual awakening courses.

Undoubtedly, each of the above alternative health care modalities personally improved Marly’s quality of life. Aches, pains and sluggish feelings have been reduced and digestion improved. A fix for the common cold and a deluxe pampering as well as improved lymphatic circulation are some of the other benefits. However, BodyTalk has given her new hope for a trustworthy health care system that offers lasting results.

Her own initial BodyTalk session with practitioner, Cherie Carpenter, relieved low back pain from a motor vehicle accident, allowing her to painlessly perform simple tasks like rolling over in bed and allowing her to once again take up sports. During her studies, “fibromyalgia-like” symptoms she had suffered for approximately 20 years also disappeared.

Her desire to become a BodyTalker was first ignited in order to help balance her best friend who was at the time suffering with bone cancer. Marly also wanted to learn a new therapy that would balance clients better and last longer and to attain a deeper knowledge of anatomy and physiology. These desires were overwhelmingly fulfilled with BodyTalk. In her practice she has witnessed spectacular results. These range from relieving purple redness and anger in a C-section scar to releasing pesticides from a farmer’s muscles which had previously given him a lot of stiffness.

In a steadily growing home-based practice near Blue Mountain (in a private setting which includes a library, a confidential office and a work out room) over the next few years Marly foresees an increasing number of clients being educated in the BEST healing techniques. Clients seek out this therapy knowing they will attain positive health care results in the present and preventive measures for the future.



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